What are the PANTERA Regional Desks?

  • Connecting the Research & Innovation EU community
  • Building up the future of Smart Grids
  • Creating a strong and expandable network
  • Enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing

These are all objectives PANTERA is striving to achieve. As the different regions in Europe play a major role in the achievement of these objectives, we came up with the concept of Regional Desks.

We are currently working on setting up and coordinating Regional Desks so that their operation is fully aligned with the national/regional research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation (RIS3) in content and approach. RIS3 is a critically important activity that will support the PANTERA process through collaborative work within the regions, as will be analysed within the following booklet, which you can download or directly flip through to learn how you can be part of the envisioned EU Research & Innovation community. 

To correctly identify the needs of the Research & Innovation smart grids, storage and local energy systems community, we would like to invite you to take part in a short survey. The survey aims at better understanding of stakeholder needs and expectations, challenges they are facing and at collecting feedback on available support mechanisms.

Find out more about the Desks and their actions through the PANTERA Regional Desks Magna Carta booklet. 

PANTERA Regional Desks
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