D1.1 Project guidelines
This document combines all project description documents, namely Description of Work (DoW), its evolution to the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement. D1.1 document covers all management-related activities, providing all required tools to efficiently organise the work flow.

D1.2 Risk management report
This document offers an overview of the risk management methods and tools used, to identify all major potential risks and offer corresponding mitigation plans for the immaculate execution of the PANTERA project. A risk assessment along with contingency planning is provided in this deliverable. Detailed tables are presented comprising all identified risks, classified into categories highlighting the most critical of them.

D1.4 Quality Assurance Plan
This document describes the quality approach for the PANTERA project. The Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) defines the overall policies, the participant roles and responsibilities, the quality procedures and the means of ensuring that all the activities (R&D activities, deliverable writing, etc) are in conformance with the contract provisions and specifications.

D1.5 Data Management Plan
This deliverable presents the Data Management Plan for PANTERA project. This Data Management Handling plan investigates the appropriate methodologies and open repositories for data management and dissemination and tries to offer through open access as much information generated by the PANTERA project.

D2.1 Report on stakeholder’s identification and interaction
This deliverable is intended to report and analyse the stakeholders identification and interaction process put in place by the PANTERA project. More in detail this report, through the analysis of the replies received to a dedicated questionnaire, proposes some preliminary analysis and hints that could be useful for the continuation of the work in order to reach all the PANTERA project objectives.

D4.1 Content and Topics for Dissemination and Networking Activities
The main objective of this report is to present the initial identification of the content aligned with Pan-European goals and priorities. This will form the baseline for the needs’ identification of the stakeholders and thus the content of the dissemination and networking activities.

D5.1 Workshop format
This document illustrates the format that is going to be used for PANTERA workshops. The format will be almost common for all workshops in order to provide consistency. Moreover, this document will be used as a guideline for the consortium to prepare and organise PANTERA workshops.

D6.1 Review of EU strategic priorities and relevant policy developments
This deliverable aims at reviewing the EU policies on climate and energy. These include the EU 2030 and 2050 strategies (“A policy framework for climate and energy in the period from 2020 to 2030” and “A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy” and relevant legislative acts, mostly focusing on “Clean energy for all Europeans”.

D6.2 Stakeholder consultation plans (one for each region/country)
The current document sets the initial consultation plan for the PANTERA project which may be enhanced further during the project execution based on identified stakeholder needs and interests. The purpose of the consultation plan is to establish a common framework for coordinated stakeholder engagement as it is an essential prerequisite for reaching PANTERA project’s ambitious target to create a multi-functional platform of pan-European status and influence.

D8.1 Dissemination, communication and cooperation plan
This report presents a strategic plan of dissemination and cooperation activities in the PANTERA project. The document sets communication, dissemination and cooperation objectives tailored to corresponding target audiences. The purpose of this deliverable is to identify specific goals of communication and dissemination activities, their expected outcome, expected effort and contribution from each partner.

D8.2 Promotion and marketing material
The current deliverable presents the project website and its structure, along with the project promotion and marketing materials. It elaborates on the target, main functionalities, contents and future developments of these project resources. The report also presents the project visual identity like for example, the project logo and project images.


Regional Desks Magna Carta [Download pdf | Flip through online

Regional workshopsPan-European workshops

Athens, Greece

13 February 2020

PANTERA Athens Workshop: “Green Islands as a driver for the Energy Transition – Going Renewable and Smart”

Workshop summary and outcomes [Download]


Dublin, Ireland

2 December 2019

PANTERA Dublin Workshop: “PAN European Research and Innovation activities for Smart grids, Energy Storage and local Energy Systems”

Workshop summary and outcomes [Download]


Sofia, Bulgaria

2 July 2019

PANTERA Sofia Workshop: “Pan European Research and Innovation activities for Smart Grids, Energy Storage and Local Energy Systems”

Workshop summary and outcomes [Download]


Authors: Rad Stanev (TU Sofia), Anastassia Krusteva (TU Sofia), Metody Georgiev (TU Sofia), Teodora Todorova (TU Sofia), Christina Papadimitriou (FOSS), Venizelos Efthymiou (FOSS), Christiana Panayi (FOSS), Mohamed Shalaby (DERlab), Paula Carroll (UCD), Shafi Khadem (UCC-IERC), Mattia Cabiati (RSE), Luciano Martini (RSE), Andrei Morch (SINTEF), Anna Mutule (IPE), Irina Antoskova (IPE), Tasos Tsitsanis (Suite5), Giorgos Papadopoulos (Suite5), Alexandros Tsitsanis (Suite5)

Authors: Anna Mutule (IPE), Irina Antoskova (IPE), Roberts Lazdins (IPE)