D1.1 Project guidelines
This document combines all project description documents, namely Description of Work (DoW), its evolution to the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement. D1.1 document covers all management-related activities, providing all required tools to efficiently organise the work flow.

D1.2 Risk management report
This document offers an overview of the risk management methods and tools used, to identify all major potential risks and offer corresponding mitigation plans for the immaculate execution of the PANTERA project. A risk assessment along with contingency planning is provided in this deliverable. Detailed tables are presented comprising all identified risks, classified into categories highlighting the most critical of them.

D1.4 Quality Assurance Plan
This document describes the quality approach for the PANTERA project. The Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) defines the overall policies, the participant roles and responsibilities, the quality procedures and the means of ensuring that all the activities (R&D activities, deliverable writing, etc) are in conformance with the contract provisions and specifications.

D1.5 Data Management Plan
This deliverable presents the Data Management Plan for PANTERA project. This Data Management Handling plan investigates the appropriate methodologies and open repositories for data management and dissemination and tries to offer through open access as much information generated by the PANTERA project.

Authors: Anna Mutule (IPE), Irina Antoskova (IPE), Roberts Lazdins (IPE)