Smart Grid Research Data PANTERA workshop available on-demand

On 22 February 2021, the PANTERA project held an online nano-workshop “Smart Grid Research Data, on how to share research data, ensure GDPR compliance, reduce the risk of divulging potential innovation insights, and related issues. 

The webinar focused on how different stakeholders such as governments, industry and local energy communities can share and organise their data respecting the privacy of users and citizens. 

This webinar is a part of the workshops and events of PANTERA project, which is a pan-European project aimed at setting up a forum composed of Research & Innovation stakeholders active in the fields of smart grids, including policymakers, standardisation bodies, and experts to remove the technical and policy-related barriers on the effective energy transition. In collaboration with other platforms, PANTERA project aims to identify and address barriers and thus, support smart grid research and innovation in the EU.

Sharing research data plays an important role in promoting these collaborations therefore, this webinar was organised to develop an understanding of how to access and share smart grid research data.

(Find all workshops reports here)

Content Presenter/Moderator


Dr. Paula Carroll, UCD Energy Institute

Why Machine Learning Needs data to unlock the potential of Smart Grids.”

Prof Eleni Mangina, UCD Energy Institute

Unlocking energy data to achieve decarbonisation targets.“ Experiences of accessing Smart Meter Data, case study of gas and electricity data usage, based on an example of 200 homes.

Jim Scheer, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Commercial and Legal Difficulties for Data Sharing in Energy Markets”–Legal Aspects and Challenges; tips and advice; collaboration agreements.

Dr. Stephen Donoghue, UCD Energy Institute

 “PANTERA opportunities for data sharing via EIRIE platform”.

Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou, FOSS

Open Discussion – Next Steps.

Smart Grid Research Data PANTERA workshop available on-demand
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