The EIRIE platform: a perfect environment for cooperation

The EIRIE platform is still growing and does not offer yet all planned services and tools. However, it is very important to gather valuable insights and feedback from an early stage to build on and apply it to the platform. We deeply value the feedback from the PANTERA Advisory Board members, gathered through interviews by our consortium members. We will continue the consulting process after 6 and 12 months to receive more insights as the EIRIE platform gradually grows.

In the meantime, we would like to share with you on a regular basis important insights shared with us by Advisory Board members.

Jochen Kreusel
Hitachi Energy and PANTERA Advisory Board member

“The regional approach is a good idea and in particular in times like now i.e., the journey of energy transition, where we are at different points of development and can learn from each other. Different starting points mean that the countries will face different problems first. Different countries are leading in different aspects depending upon the early problems they were reaching, but all the countries will meet the same problems, only with a different timing. This means that there is a leader for a certain problem, which other countries can learn from. It is a perfect environment for cooperation.”

Did you allocate some time to visit the EIRIE platform and/or look for specific information or use a functionality for your needs? 

The EIRIE platform: a perfect environment for cooperation
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