Watch PANTERA & SUPEERA joint workshop: "International research collaboration opportunities fostering EU Clean Energy transition in Baltic States" on demand

Baltic States are actively working towards the success of the energy transition objectives and implementation of declared policies for achieving the low carbon economy. Yet, together with other less involved countries they have low participation rates in research and innovation (R&I) activities and the realisation of the European Union’s Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan Implementation Plans. As a consequence, and unlike more successful Member States they have received only a marginal contribution of EU R&I Horizon 2020’s budget.

On April 27th, PANTERA and SUPEERA projects jointly organised a workshop to discuss and raise attention on gaps and barriers that limit the R&I activities in the energy sector in the Baltic countries, facilitate knowledge exchange and showcase best practices of how international networking and cooperation between national stakeholders and key international associations and organisations can be beneficial for establishing long-lasting interactions and fostering joint R&I activities.

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Content Presenter/Moderator

Welcome address
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Dr. Anna Mutule (Head of Smart Grid Research Centre, Latvia)

European strategy and latest policy and legislative developments supporting clean energy transition.
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Aleksandra Kronberga, (Policy Officer at New Energy Technologies' Unit, DG Energy, European Commission)

R&I activities supporting clean energy transition in Latvia:
• Strategy
• Priorities
• Challenges and
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Jānis Ancāns (Head of National Contact Point for Horizon Europe, Latvian Council of Science)

Einārs Cilinskis (Senior Expert, Department of Sustainable Energy Policy, Ministry of Economics)

Sharing experience in international R&I collaborative projects and best practice:

• Latvian best practice in energy R&I, experience in implementation of
Projects of Common Interest [Watch here]
• Lithuanian best practice in energy R&I [Watch here]
• Estonian best practice in energy R&I [Watch here]
• Nordic best practice in energy R&I [Watch here]

Dr Antons Kutjuns (Head of Development and Research Division, Augstsprieguma Tīkls, Latvia)

Dr Žaneta Stasiškienė (Director of Institute of Environmental Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)

Karl Kull (Researcher in Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics, Estonia)

Dr Irina Oleinikova (Head of Power System Operation and Analysis group, Department of Electric Power Engineering Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

SUPEERA findings: engagement of Baltic States in H2020 or R&I
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Dr. Ivan Matejak ( SUPEERA coordinator, EERA, Belgium)


PANTERA process
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Dr Venizelos Efthymiou (PANTERA coordinator, FOSS Research Centre of
University of Cyprus)

Panel discussion: Opportunities to increase participation in joint R&I activities [Watch here]

Dr Paula Carroll (Centre for Business Analytics | Energy Institute Management Information Systems Department, University College Dublin)

Dr Antons Kutjuns
Dr Žaneta Stasiškienė
Karl Kull
Dr Irina Oleinikova

EIRIE platform, how is accessed, the roles of various users, collaboration area, matchmaking area, etc.
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Dr Venizelos Efthymiou
Tasos Tsitsanis (Suite5, Cyprus)
Dr Kyriaki Psara (FOSS Research Centre of University of Cyprus)

Wrap up and feedback
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Dr Venizelos Efthymiou

The SUPEERA project:
Mobilization of EU‐13 national public research resources in the Clean Energy Transition: challenges and opportunities

  • SET Plan and CET - benefits and engagement possibilities
  • Investment and reform measures for Baltic States for CET

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Dr Ivan Matejak (SUPEERA coordinator, EERA, Belgium)

R&I opportunities for collaboration and funding 

  • Horizon Europe [Watch here]
    - Clean Energy Transition Partnership
    - Widening Calls 
  • Norway/EEA Grants
    [Watch here]

Spyridon Pantelis (Project Manager, EERA, Belgium)

Petter Støa (Vice President Research, SINTEF Energi AS, Norway)

  • Energy technology policy formation in Lithuania
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  • Experience and benefits from the participation in the energy international networks 
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  • ETIP SNET as an active link of national stakeholders with EU’s R&I prime movers 
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Daumantas Kerezis (Adviser at the Innovation Group of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania)

Dr Rolandas Urbonas (Deputy Director of the Lithuanian Energy Institute)

Dr Venizelos Efthymiou (PANTERA coordinator, FOSS Research Centre of
University of Cyprus)

Wrap-up and closing remarks
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Dr Ivan Matejak (SUPEERA coordinator, EERA, Belgium)

Watch PANTERA and SUPEERA joint workshop: “International research collaboration opportunities fostering EU Clean Energy transition in Baltic States” on demand
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