Collaboration between Horizon 2020 projects: PANTERA and ASSET

PANTERA’s main objective is to contribute to the energy transition and especially the EU energy targets, by establishing a single point of reference for the R&I community active in the fields of smart grids, storage and local energy systems, via the EIRIE platform.

To realise this ambitious objective, we believe collaborating with other initiatives and projects that are moving towards the same objectives, is essential. We are delighted to announce the start of a fruitful and successful collaboration with H2020 ASSET project, a holistic and scalable solution for research, innovation, and education in energy transition (see video). 

The project aims to create a community and to provide the tools to create and share the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently tackle the energy transition processes.

ASSET´s goal is twofold:

1) To create a sustainable and scalable ecosystem (community) including all energy transition and education stakeholders:

  • Companies from the energy sector
  • Universities and training actors
  • Authorities and policy makers
  • Society

2) To deliver the framework and means for the continuous collaborative definition of the knowledge-competencies-skills required for the energy transition and for continuous resource pooling to efficiently educate/train large numbers of people in diverse and interdisciplinary topics and carry out research and innovation activities.

Collaboration between Horizon 2020 projects: PANTERA and ASSET
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