What challenges are EU energy stakeholders currently facing?

According to a recent PANTERA Regional Desks (learn more about the Desks here) survey, EU energy stakeholders from PANTERA targeted countries face multiple difficulties in applying for project funding; from appropriate partner search to understanding how project proposals are evaluated.

In a recently published report (Deliverable 6.3 Consolidated Summary Report of Desk Activities in the Target Regions), the PANTERA team has put together structured information on the current situation of PANTERA targeted countries, with regard to climate and energy targets. The report contains descriptions of all Regional Desks specifics, activities held and future plans. Examples of good practices and actions within specific Desks are highlighted and shall be replicated and enhanced within the future work.

Moreover, the report presents results of dedicated surveys aiming at understanding the main issues of the energy stakeholders and guide PANTERA to provide the right and relevant solutions through the EIRIE platform.

EIRIE stands for European Interconnection for Research Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 

Within the PANTERA project, we have been hard at work on developing an interactive multi-functional platform that will act as THE meeting point of all actors active in the field of energy research & Innovation from all Europe. 

Stay tuned.

What challenges are EU energy stakeholders currently facing?
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