Have your say on the EIRIE platform

The EIRIE platform is still growing and does not yet offer all planned services and tools. However, it is very important to gather valuable insights and feedback from an early stage to build on and apply it to the platform. We deeply value the feedback from the PANTERA Advisory Board members, gathered through interviews by our consortium members. We will continue the consulting process after 6 and 12 months to receive more insights as the EIRIE platform gradually grows.

In the meantime, we would like to share with you on a regular basis important insights shared with us by Advisory Board members.

Henri Donchev
Energy Expert Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria
Expert in International Cooperation Directorate 
PANTERA Advisory Board member

“The platform offers a good possibility for all the stakeholders to interact on a regular basis and exchange information on the smart grid implementation in various MS. It is also well integrated with other platforms in the area of smart energy systems.

The current set up of 6+1 Regional Desks coupled with the EIRIE platform offer a good basis for regional cooperation and exchange of up-to-date information in the field of R&I.

The Matchmaking Services for fostering and enhancing collaboration between R&I stakeholders and reinforcing participation of low-spending countries in funded activities seems to be in fact the most important tool for the future utilization of the platform, as it could provide valuable information as well as advice to the low-spending countries on how to use the financing provided by various sources in the field of innovation and modernization of the European grid, in the most efficient and sustainable manner.”

Did you allocate some time to visit the EIRIE platform and/or look for specific information or use a functionality for your needs? 

Have your say on the EIRIE platform
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