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As you may already know, we are continually conducting interviews and gathering feedback from the PANTERA Advisory Board members.

We would like to share with you on a regular basis these important insights through short quotes, as well as invite you to share your thoughts with us.

Nikos Hadjinikolaou
Ministry of energy, commerce and industry of Cyprus

“Countries like Cyprus are not well positioned to keep track of technological evolutions and thus, the PANTERA process, via the EIRIE platform, can play a very important role for the R&I community of Cyprus. Through the provided tools and functionalities in the EIRIE platform, the respective stakeholders will show interest and they will be highly supported in their endeavors. Furthermore, the bottom-up* approach will be welcomed by stakeholders in Cyprus, aiming to build through that strong collaborations for bringing to the forefront the competitive advantage of the well- selected regions. Activities at country and regional level will pick up mobilizing support to common issues.”

[*The PANTERA project set up the 6+1 Regional Desks, a bottom-up approach to address the challenges faced by researchers, especially for the countries that have been left behind]

Did you allocate some time to visit the EIRIE platform and/or look for specific information or use a functionality for your needs? 

Share your opinion of the EIRIE platform with us
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