Join PANTERA virtual regional workshop at MedPower 2020

What: PANTERA virtual regional workshop at MedPower 2020.

When: 10 & 11 November

Where: Online

The workshop “Energy transition through optimal use of the rich Renewable Energy Resources of the Mediterranean basin” will tackle different aspects the energy transition needs to address in order to contribute efficiently to the Energy targets of the EU. The status of the smart grids regional evolution will be presented, while use cases covering technologies -such as Energy storage, Demand Response, Renewables and Electric mobility– will be highlighted, which are critical to the energy transition, including the Energy communities and the operators’ perspective.

The workshop will mainly host activities and content of the Horizon 2020 CSA project PANTERA, complimented with the work/results of the NAVIGANT / SWECO contract and the Horizon 2020 project INTERPLAN.

Under this prism, the Navigant/SWECO consortium, who has been providing technical assistance to the European Commission on offshore grid concepts for the Mediterranean Sea, adding to the planned offshore renewable energy agenda for the European Union, will present their study on Day 1.

The study will be covering:
• Analysis of potential for offshore power generation at sea (offshore wind, wave, tidal) and on Energy
communities of islands (PV and wind onshore)
• Development of energy production scenarios
• Comparative evaluation of offshore grid options
• Inventory of region-specific implementation challenges and barriers
• Key recommendations.

The INTERPLAN project focuses on providing solutions and tools to the operators for managing the grid with high RES penetration and emerging technologies, especially applicable to the challenges of the non-interconnected islands of the Mediterranean.

Each of the presentations in all sections will specifically refer to challenges in resources, gaps in networking, regulation and/or finance. Under this defined context, the PANTERA process and its potential in supporting the EU R&I community especially countries with low activity in this field, will be highlighted. These will be analysed and discussed in a fully interactive way.

Each presentation will be followed by a facilitated Q&A/discussion actively involving the workshop  participants.

About MedPower 2020 The 2020 Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion will be held virtually between the 9th and 12th November 2020.

MEDPOWER2020 will provide the opportunity for engineers, scientists, technicians, researchers, scholars and companies to exchange ideas and discuss the latest research achievements in academia and industry.

The conference also aims to provide a forum to create opportunities for networking and collaboration through a series of presentations, talks, exhibitions and special sessions.

MEDPOWER 2020 will cover all aspects of power system design, operation, and planning,  including the integration of ICT and energy systems as well as addressing challenges in the future energy markets.

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Join the upcoming PANTERA virtual regional workshop at MedPower 2020
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