Discover the “Smart Grid Innovation Accelerator (SGIA)” launched by Mission Innovation

 “Smart Grid Innovation Accelerator” (SGIA) is a global information sharing platform supporting the clean energy transition, recently launched by Mission Innovation.

The SGIA platform is particularly relevant as it is directly responding to the changes and challenges the world energy sector is facing. 

As part of the activities of Innovation Challenge 1 (IC1) on Smart Grids, the SGIA platform was conceived and coordinated by RSE (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico), on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. 

SGIA is a cloud-based platform for sharing information relating to smart grids and the energy sector as a whole. Relying on a powerful semantic search engine, which is able to provide context to the users’ queries, seeking to understand the searching needs and the relationships between entities, the platform offers an advanced search experience on a database of 1000+ key documents, globally selected and shared by international experts from MI member countries. SGIA offers a unique entry point to documents that are not generally easily accessible such as energy strategies and scenarios of a number of countries and international organizations, to regulatory and financial aspects, to data and technical information. (Mission Innovation)

Promoting the transition towards a cleaner energy system is a goal shared by several international initiatives, among which Mission Innovation on a global scale and PANTERA with the EIRIE platform, on a European scale. The SGIA platform will be linked to the EIRIE platform, assuring optimal cooperation opportunities and complementation between both initiatives.

Read more about SGIA here.

Find out more here about MI (Mission Innovation) 2.0’s next steps, the ambitious second phase of the initiative, and also MI-6: The Clean Energy Innovation Event of 2021 ( 31 May-6 June 2021).

EIRIE stands for European Interconnection for Research Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 

Within the PANTERA project, we have been hard at work on developing an interactive multi-functional platform that will act as THE meeting point of all actors active in the field of energy research & Innovation from all Europe. 

Stay tuned.

Discover the “Smart Grid Innovation Accelerator (SGIA)” launched by Mission Innovation
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